Do you have questions about poptop? We have compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers here. If this does not answer your question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What age is the table intended for?

The poptop table is suitable for two-year-old children and older. They can control it themselves from about primary school age. Thanks to the height adjustment up to 85 cm, the table can also be used into adulthood.

The poptop children’s desk can be used as a standing desk up to a height of approx. 155 cm. Children reach this height on average from the age of 13.

Can children adjust the height of the table themselves?

Absolutely. Our table has been specially developed for children. This means they can move the table to their desired position with little effort and decide for themselves whether they want to work at the table in a squatting, sitting or standing position. Smaller children may need a little help at the beginning – but with some practice they can manage on their own.

Do I have to assemble the table myself?

poptop delivers the table 99% assembled. All you have to do is unfold the table and attach the rubber cords. This usually takes no longer than 3 minutes. Take a look at our assembly video.

How much space do I need for the table?

The table itself has a width of 115 cm and a depth of 65 cm. However, you need an additional 25 cm at the side to be able to use the full range of height adjustment.

Overall, we therefore recommend a pitch of at least 140 cm.

Which floors are the wheels suitable for?

The wheels, which support the height adjustment of the table, are suitable for all common floor coverings. They are hard enough to roll on a deep-pile carpet and soft enough to prevent damage to a real wood floor.

Can the table be folded up and stored flat?

Yes, the table can also be folded completely flat again. Turn the table over in the highest position, unhook the cords and then press the lever and pull the leg down as far as it will go.

Then you can press the silver safety clamp and pull the leg all the way down until the table is completely flat.

We show you exactly how this works in our dismantling video.

Can I return the table if I or my child don't like it?

Your contentment and that of your child is our top priority. Although we are convinced that you will like the table, you can return it within 30 days. Please use the original packaging and let us know at info@poptop.shop. You will then receive a return label from us.

Where is the table produced?

We focus on quality, ergonomics and child-friendly operation. The table is produced from the highest quality components directly in Austria, in the south of Vienna.

We order our material for the production of the tables from carefully selected companies in the EU. These suppliers not only meet our high quality requirements, but also offer fair working conditions and run sustainable production processes.

The material is processed in our atelier in Traiskirchen, Lower Austria. Each individual product is manufactured by hand by our fitters, checked for quality and finally prepared for dispatch.

Can children pinch their fingers?

No, we have taken special care to ensure that all moving parts are installed in such a way that there is no risk of pinching, even for the smallest of children’s hands.

The table is difficult to move up or down. What can I do?

Ideally, the table should be easy to move up and down. However, if it can only be pushed down with a lot of force, would mean that you have hooked in too many cords. Just hang out 1-2 cords.

Conversely, if the table is difficult to move upwards, means that you have not hooked in enough cords. Take 1-2 cords more and the problem is solved. This can happen especially if you put something heavier on the table.

What happens if my child climbs onto the table?

Thanks to the robustness of the material used, the table can easily bear loads of up to 50 kg when locked into position. This means that when the table is in its static position, nothing happens if your child climbs onto the table or uses it as a seat. However, the kid’s table is not designed for this and we therefore advise against it.

What are the extra cords for?

Before shipping, we fit each table with enough cords so that the table can be moved up just as easily as moved down. Normally this is 12 cords – although this can vary slightly from table to table.

However, the scope of delivery also includes 3 extra cords. You can attach these if you are storing heavier objects on the kid’s desk. Due to the additional weight on the table top, the table can no longer be moved upwards quite so easily. In this case, hang up some more cords. The table can therefore be easily moved upwards even with a little more weight.

Which countries does poptop ship to and what are the fees?

We ship to all EU countries and also to Switzerland. Delivery charges are 35 euros throughout the DACH region. In other countries, shipping costs may vary slightly depending on the country.

We pay all additional fees including customs duties for deliveries to Switzerland.