The right height of a kid’s desk is crucial for your child’s health and well-being. Many parents face the challenge of finding the perfect desk. But what height is actually ideal? Every child is different and is in a constant phase of growth. Therefore, there is no “one size fits all” solution. Instead, it’s important to choose a flexible product that adapts to your child’s individual needs.

Flexibility is key

A height-adjustable desk offers the perfect solution. It allows your child to easily adjust the height themself as required. This is particularly practical as children need different heights in different situations. An ergonomically correct sitting posture is crucial for concentrated work such as studying or doing homework. The desk should be adjusted so that your child’s arms rest on the tabletop at a right angle and their feet are firmly on the floor. This promotes healthy posture and prevents back and neck pain.

Height adjustment for different activities

But the right height is not only important for schoolwork. Many children also prefer different table heights when playing, painting, crafting and being creative. When playing Lego, a higher position can be more comfortable in order to be at eye level with the building projects, and when doing handicrafts, a squatting position can encourage creativity. A flexible desk allows your child to make these height adjustments quickly and easily in any position. This does not only improve ergonomics, but also increases the joy of playing and learning as well as creativity.



The ideal height of a child’s desk varies according to activity and individual height. A flexible, height-adjustable desk is therefore the best choice to support your child’s health and free development. Our poptop table, which works without electricity, can not only be adjusted in height by children themselves in a matter of seconds, but also offers your child the best foundation for successful learning and creative play.